MAAG screws

MAAG screws® are an evolution of the concept of cannulated screw, modified to facilitate an even more effective action of osteosynthesis, even in unfavorable bone condition.
To achieve all this, the device is made of medical grade titanium alloy and is characterized by an increased diameter and a larger thread pitch. But the real innovative aspect of the product consists of a series of holes that affect the central area of the device. These holes, present in a stretch equal to 60% of the total length, are made according to a helical pattern, help uniform release around the device of an appropriate means of augmentation, via a dedicated injection system.
MAAG screws® therefore, are a medical device developed with the overall aim unite fractures of various types and facilitate the process of heating in a short time. And they also have the ability to convey a means of augmentation.

In the image you can see the simplicity of the injection device and as a means of augmentation comes out of the holes with a uniform and controlled perfusion.

Insertion and injection procedure


Orthopedic thread Ø8.0 with an increased pitch for the spongiosa. Available lengths: 16 and 32 [mm]

Cannulation diameter Ø 3.0 [mm] Guide wire 2.8 [mm]

Helicoidally holes Ø2.0 [mm] throughout the cylindrical zone for a right injection of the augmentation medium

Self-tapping and self-drilling carving. Buttress carving

Gr. 5 ELI titanium, high finishing machining, adequate surface treatment, color coding.

instruction for use

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