Easypiece system

The EasyPiece system is the monophasic implant with integrated MUA that guarantees speed of intervention and simplicity in prosthetic finalization.

Technical characteristics of the EasyPiece® system

The implant

The EasyPiece implant is the new and exclusive dental implant system consisting of monophasic dental implants whose endosseous part follows the dental implants of the EasyLine fine line by morphology and thread, while the transmucous implantation of the MUA angles and different transmucosal height: straight, angled at 15 ° and angled at 30 °. EasyPiece is indicated for cases of aesthetic rehabilitation and for restoring the functionality of patients suffering from partial or total edentulism. It is particularly suitable for use with the Easy Arch technique.


The dental implant consists of an endosseous portion, substantially cylindrical, with a narrower apical part, and a transmucosal area connected to each other by a flared collar that brings the emergency diameters of the implants to 4.0 mm and houses the hexagon for screwing the implant. Above the hexagon there is the cone on which the coping rests, having an extremely small diameter to allow less bulky prostheses, but at the same time such as to allow the use of a tightening screw with M1.8 thread of larger diameter compared to the traditional M1,4, thus ensuring greater stability and sealing.

The surface

The surface of the endosseous portion, on the other hand, was treated with a special shot peening process, performed with white corundum specific for the medical sector applied with constant pressure and granulometry. Subsequently, the threaded section of the implant is subjected to a chemical etching treatment. In vivo studies and histological analyzes have confirmed that the surface treatments performed on the EasyLine line implants are able to accelerate the osseointegration process and therefore reduce the time of bone neogenesis.

The neck

The collar, as well as the remaining emerging part, is shiny and its function is that of restoring the gingival mucous membranes following implant insertion. There are 2 transmucosal heights for each implant and angle. The surface treatment guarantees a very high degree of cleaning and prevents the accumulation of bacteria with consequent prevention for any infections that could cause the loss of the implant.

Longitudinal grooves

The three longitudinal grooves collect the bone fragments derived from the action of the cutters. During the screwing phase they allow the redistribution of the fragments along the lower portion of the implant.

Threading profiles

The endosseous part of the implant is characterized by an orthopedic thread. This thread is the same as those for double-ended fine pitch implants: cortex thread according to the ISO 5835 standard. The characteristics of the profile also adapt to class D1-D2 bone tissue. The profile of the thread is asymmetrical and easy to insert while the outgoing shoulder is almost flat, guaranteeing in this way an excellent resistance to unscrewing. The bottom of the throat is radiated to avoid traumatic tissue cuts. In the final portion the fillet fades to the outside diameter. In this way the cortical bone portion is further compressed and the primary stability of the implant greatly increased. At cortical level, the presence of a micro-threading allows for optimal integration and minimal crestal retraction.


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