Guided surgery

Guided surgery represents an improvement in the traditional surgery, increasing the advantages for clinicians and patients. The guided procedure allows reaching a high accuracy in implant insertion with flapless surgery, using a surgical guide manufactured according to the surgery virtual planning for a specific patient. This allows a complete work in only one appointment. Flapless technique, avoiding the gingival incision and the subsequent suture, permits a faster mucosa healing, lower bone reabsorption and a higher implant stability. Moreover, the surgery time is reduced, as well as the intraoperative bleed, swelling and pain for the patient who can resume faster his normal life.

Work flow

2. Dental visit

A customize healing treatment plan should be agreed with the patient according to his needs. It is essential to evaluate the patient oral opening capability, in order to assess if adequate vertical space is available to accommodate the surgical guide and related components.

2. Radiological exam

A radiological template is fabricated to evaluate, by CT scan, the correct position of the teeth to be replaced and the soft tissue thickness around the implant. The patient should perform the 3D Scan with the radiological template fixed in his mouth.

3. Planning of the Clinical Case

The CT scan should be acquired by the 3D software to develop the clinical case. The 3D software allows the planning of different surgical aspects to have a complete and safe surgery: implant position and prosthetic components simulation, maxillary sinus elevation prevision and localization of mandibular nerve.

The information of the virtual planning are then exported in STL format for the manufacturing of the surgical guide.

4. Surgery

Surgical guide is manufactured by milling or with 3D high resolution printer, according to the performed clinical case planning and to the surgical kit that will be used. During the same surgery session implants and prosthetic structure can be inserted.


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